001- The beginning


 Chapter one: Ewan’s, Eliwood’s and ross’ meeting:

002- The beginnig again??
003- To much power
004- Finally the training begin

005- Warm up? 
006-  The boss own
007- Cowards
008- The search for his freinds


 Chapter two: Amelia’s and Eliwoods meeting:

009- A new chapter
010- Runaway Amelia
011- OMG!! Runaway again Amelia
012- Censored
013- A alcholicar
014- A bully

015- OMG! Runaway Eliwood
016- The strongest weapon

017- They never get tired of runing away
018- Busted
019- Surrounded
020- The help
021- Here we go with the running away again

022- A old freind
023-  The talk with his old freind
024- The reward
025- Urahara response
026- A pervert
027- Is this the doom of earth
028-No why Marsh
029- All that just for a lollipop


There are some of the comic that is broken here I have try to fix it many time, but I have failed. So if you  will read some of them just comment to me

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